The beginning.

Okay so to be 100% honest the very beginning would be a poor point to start, mostly because I just don’t remember. A lifetime (or 20 years) of ambiguous events, I ought to be more specific with the relevant stuff. So I choose the beginning of this story as just 2 and a half years ago, skipping the 18 prior, they can be simplified as smart kid, no ambition, poor eating habits, all boys schools, bullying, distant parents, lots of holidays to Europe or America….you know what maybe all that’s worth coming back to, but you get the idea. 

At the ‘beginning’ I was 18 and had started over at yet another school. The reason I say this is the beginning is because this is where my main 3 passions began, with the study of Psychology, a plan to travel for 3 months in south America and of course, my lazy ass was dragged to the scariest damn gym i’ve yet to have the pleasure of training in.

Speaking of, time to go train. In my next post maybe i’ll just handle the Psychology and travel as they were pretty short lived at the time. 

You are probably getting the idea of where this is all going.  

Aspiring to inspire. 


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