13 down 183 to go

One of my biggest passions in life has to be travel. No I don’t mean the cutesy holidays to France/Spain/Italy where you stay in a house like yours and the only change is there’s a lot more foreign people about. It’s not that I don’t like these holidays, hell i’ve done my fair share to say the least, endless family trips to the aforementioned. However, to me TRAVEL has so much more to offer. I learnt this after my first big trip at the beginning of 2012. Myself and my best mate, Charlie, (that man is a story for another time) decided instead of going to university when the costs were a manageable £3000, that we would instead run halfway across the world with no idea what we were doing…and return to fees of £9000…It sounded better at the time.

Ecuador, Peru and The Galapagos Islands. These became home to both of us. This is where real travel started. It would take an extremely long time to detail the whole tour but in it’s simplest form – We didn’t stay in fancy hotels, we didn’t have money for fancy meals (evidenced by 2 weeks of rice and chicken stock), we didn’t have real beds every night… I may not be selling this, but the experience is not to be underrated. Between travelling the country, the people I met, the variety of environments, the work and the pure joy of completely new experiences, I was hooked. 

There is a whole world out there, so little time, you have to get started if you want to make the most of the time you have! and don’t just visit these places, TRAVEL, see them for better or worse, explore, experience and engage. 



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