Oh yes… Psychology

You may have noticed aside Fitness and Travel, I mentioned Psychology. An odd passion i’ll admit but let me explain. When I say Psychology, I don’t just mean the studies of personality and the mind , (though it does amaze me as during my University studies of Criminology and Applied Psychology) but I encompass within that – people. Everything about a person, their story, their passions, their ideas, it all draws me in and leaves me studying people constantly.

My aspirations are in the many but my main goal in life is to help and inspire others, be that through fitness, troubling times, life issues or merely (though to me it would be the up-most achievement) providing a means of motivation or inspiration for others in the way I live my own life.


There’s far more to talk about but I have a lifetime and for now that should be enough just to explain.

Have a great weekend to anyone still reading.


Aspire to Inspire.


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