A little bit of Me

It seems logical – well to me- that before continuing the blog that I actually explain who I am. In the sense of simple information, my bio. 

So, HI!! Whoever you are..

My name is Callum Barney, I am a 20 year old student (21 in may) study criminology and applied psychology at the university of Brighton. I also study fitness/exercise and nutrition in my own time as it relates to my career plans of competing in powerlifting, mens physique, obstacle races and whatever the hell else I can get myself into. I have lived in around 13 homes across 3 countries. I love travel and have been to 13 countries though around 30 trips (some to the same place). I have had four near death experiences (hurricane/cyclone/scorpion bite/a crazy drive in Peru), four life changing moments (losing my cousin/serenity in Ecuador/ taking on a transformation/ that same drive in Peru). 

I’ll explain the details of each bit another time

As for fitness my stats are (for anyone involved in powerlifting or bodybuilding) 

Bodyweight 70kg. Deadlift 195kg, Squat 140kg, Bench 100kg. 10-12% bodyfat. 

My life is on the basis of helping others and no personal limitations, there is nothing on this earth i cannot do/learn to do or damn well push myself to do. 


Thats the short version of lil ol me. Not that interesting to read so sorry about that! But if you’re interested in my blog, I owe it to you to tell you who I am I think. 


Aspire to Inspire. 


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