I’m trying my best..

My aim with this blog is divided. One side is like me venting, having somewhere to explain me and my story, the other side, and more predominant is a way of actually being able to help people, as that’s pretty much most of my aim in life, among the more selfish bits. I’m trying to help through passing on knowledge or experience that i think is beneficial, but you know what? I find that really f******* scary. 

I hate to think I’m irritating anyone as well as the fear of being ‘that guy’ mocked or judged. So yeah I will keep doing this because it’s what I love, but hopefully I can get a little less grief for it. By any small chance if I am helping you, anyone reading, if you feel like it please let me know, nice to know there is something coming of this. 

Besides, as I say every time,

Aspire to Inspire.


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