Knowing when to give up

Yeah this isn’t the best day. 

When it comes to my fitness I train for 3 things -Health, as in stamina, endurance ect, Aesthetics, meaning to look damn good and lastly strength. Due to the fact I only weigh around 69kg my biggest lifts – Deadlift 195, Squat 145, Bench 100 – are pretty damn impressive, which means I have the capability to compete in power lifting.


This is where the title starts to make sense. I’ve been spending months training in strength and suppressing weight and muscle gain to keep this possibility alive, however my main goal is to compete in mens physique…therefore a decision had to be made, and that happened today. I finally have to concede to my main goal and stop sacrificing for power lifting. Which means its time to bulk. Yes this may not seem like a big deal to most, but for me its a pretty heartbreaking event as I worked harder than you can imagine to maintain my weight and get this strong. But it is time to move forward onto bigger and better things!!

Never give up on your dreams, pursue them with everything you have, it won’t always be easy and sacrifices will be made, but you can, without a damn question, achieve those dreams. 


Aspire to Inspire. 


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