Walking the dream

When I started all of this, my training, university and travel, my goals were simple. All I wanted at the beginning was to drop some fat, get a degree and see a bit of the world. A year and a half later I have achieved that. I am in the best shape of my life literally, none of that hyped up rubbish, i have physically never been stronger, fitter or just healthier. I am now at uni hitting a solid 2:1 year round and of course I have done a substantial amount of travel and seen things others couldn’t dream of.


and its a big but. I am still not content. What is it that leads to this? It never made sense and doesn’t to this day. I daily critique my own physique and ability, striving for more and pushing myself to be better. I bully myself into believing my grades are poor and deserve no credit. I convince myself I have yet to have achieved anything and done enough with my life.

There are two very clear perspectives here, though I believe I have crossed a line. There is the side that says, always strive for more, never be content and know what you are capable of, this is very true, we undervalue how far we can go and commonly stop pushing to achieve higher and greater things. That’s the good bit…. Sadly I think I go a step further, I have reached the point where I forget I am walking within a dream. The guy I was 2 years a go would have done damn near anything to be who I am today. He would be so grateful to come as far as he has. It’s like owing it to my previous self to be more grateful for what I have achieved.

This doesn’t mean I will stop pushing, working and striving. But it’s time I remember quite how much I have achieved, how much I have done and be proud of how god damn hard I work, regardless of the result.

‘There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won’t feel insecure around you. ‘

Aspire to Inspire.


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