With friends like these…

Friendship is a damn strange thing. Think about it, billions of people, you pick a couple key ones and you talk to them, hang out with them over the others. Then there’s the distinctions, close friends, distant friends, the ones you nod or wave at and some you just say hi to. 

I must admit I undervalue others too often, i am exceedingly independent and hate to rely too much on others. It has its good and bad sides but today I was reminded how important it is to have those people around you. 
I stand by the idea that you don’t need so many people around you, and you can’t rely on others to do things for you. HOWEVER my example comes from just a gym session. I woke up feeling like hell, didn’t want to train, but me being me I dragged my arse there to crack on. This is where Innocent comes in (that’s the friend in case you couldn’t tell). He happened to be training legs and because of him I laughed my way through one of the best sessions I have had in months. My point, the further I get from it, is that sometimes people can help your struggle, they can’t hold the weight (metaphorical) for you, but they can support you. Don’t give up on others, a mistake I made in the past. keep those that matter and don’t waste time trying to please those who don’t.

When I have the time I’ll write more about the subject as socialising with my lifestyle is a big topic for me. 
As ever, 

Aspire to Inspire. 


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