Be Positive

It may sound cliché, but its so important that you keep a positive mind set and not let negative thoughts, from yourself or others, knock you off your path. This truly is the one major thing that separates those who achieve their goals from those who don’t. People who reach their goals maintain a positive attitude. Sure they may have bad moments and failures along the way, but how they react to those failures determines how successful they are. Those who stay positive in the face of adversity get back to their feet and keep climbing. This is important in almost every aspect of life, including your fitness goals. Whether your goal is losing 20 pounds or more, or gaining 20 pounds, staying positive will keep you progressing consistently. I constantly hear from people on facebook, twitter, YouTube, and the various websites, that share with me their results. Some of these people have made amazing progress in a short period. For example, some have gained over 20 pounds of lean muscle on my programs in less than 3 months. And some have lost over 20 pounds in less than 2 months. Sometimes people comment that it is simply impossible that these people achieved these results in that period of time. Why would thousands of people lie about their results? They’re not lying. These are examples of people who stay positive and reach results that others only see as impossible. Those people who see these results as impossible are negative thinkers and will likely never see such results or any of the results that they hope for. Stay positive and set no limits and you won’t believe what you are capable of.

Aspire to Inspire


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