F*** off I AM FINE

SO. Getting some-what would up today. Anyone that knows me will know that I have some serious aggression locked up at times (plays a huge role in the gym). Today that aggression is breaking out a little. People viewing my life clearly have no idea whats going on, I appear to them as a recluse, lonely, angry guy. You know what, thats just BS.

Now it is very true I don’t commit a lot of time to socialising, and that’s because at my age range socialising consists of drinking and clubbing. Thats really not for me, so thanks anyway. The mates I see are usually in the gym, the people I chat to are the ones that matter, so if you think i am a recluse, clearly I just want nothing to do with you….Offence intended.

Secondly, lonely! BULL. I am not lonely, I am content working my ass off for a few years and not committing to a relationship, I just don’t have the time, and frankly where is the rush? I have the friends around me that I need and who mean the world to me. I don’t waste my time looking for more approval from a wider social group. I’ll take quality over quantity every god damn day. 

Lastly – angry. Well…..Alright f*** it that ones bang on, because people who think that are probably the assholes getting to me. 

Venting session done. 

Aspire to Inspire (no time for any other crap)


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