One of my favorite topics to speak and write about is motivation. I like talking about motivation because it’s so personal. Everybody has his or her own brand of self-encouragement and determination. Each of us is motivated a little differently.

The six types of motivation. Knowing which type of motivation best compels you can be a really important factor in achieving your fitness goals. As you read through these motivation types, you may realize that you fall into more than one category‐that’s a good thing! You can use various techniques to ensure that you make it through those rough days and move onto bigger and better things.


People who are motivated by achievement desire to improve skills and prove their abilities to themselves and others. It can be an internal desire to strive for personal accomplishment or a search for positive feedback or recognition from others.

If you’re motivated by achievement and recognition from others, tie your goals to something personal like being healthy and fit for your family. It never hurts to get affirmation from others who see us choosing the healthy options and staying active.

If you’re more intrinsically motivated, take photos of yourself regularly so you can compare them and see the results. When you do notice changes, take a moment to reflect and bask in the glory. Allow your success to motivate you to future changes!


Nobody wants to feel stagnant or stuck in their situation. The desire for personal growth and change can be a great motivator.

Your motivation to change can be related to fitness. You no longer want to be sedentary, overweight, or too thin. You want to change your lifestyle, feel better about yourself, and discover a new identity. If you’re ready to change who you are, start identifying yourself as what you want to be: a cyclist, a runner, a bodybuilder, or a dancer. Tell people that’s who you are. From there, your new self-identification becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


If you’re motivated by power, it means you want to control your own life. You want to determine the outcome and are more driven to create the outcome you want. If this sounds like you, you can harness your desire for control by setting smaller, attainable goals.

Set weekly and monthly goals to increase your reps or weight and/or increase your cardio. Start off with bite-sized chunks. So, instead of setting the goal to go to the gym every single day, set the goal to work out three times per week. Setting attainable, realistic goals will help empower you to succeed.

Another way to tap into the power aspect of motivation is to vary your routine and choose what you want and like to do. Doing the same exercises and routines over and over can be monotonous and can often lead to plateaus. 


Social motivation can be extremely effective, especially with so many social mediums. With a desire to belong or to catch the eye of a special someone, people will often use the affirmations from others to motivate them further. Some people who are motivated socially also like to use their success to encourage others to make positive changes of their own. If you’re motivated socially, find someone to train with. There is nothing like some friendly competition.

5 – FEAR

Some people are motivated through fear of consequences. This type of motivation can also be a little extreme. If you like to have consequences attached to a goal, go public with your fitness goals and post them on social media. The fear of disappointing others or publicly failing is often enough to keep you on track.

If you find this type of motivation is effective, you may want to think about signing up for an event like a fitness competition, a mud run, or a marathon. Along with paying an entry fee, the fear of stepping on stage or performing poorly at an event just might be the push you need. Buying fancy workout clothes and hiring a trainer can also play into this type of motivation. The fear of wasting money may actually keep you coming back to the gym.


Incentive motivation involves rewards. Knowing that that there is a reward for tackling your fitness goals can make the whole experience more fun and exciting.  You could pay yourself after each completed workout. If you paid yourself $1 per workout four times each week, you’d have $1,460 by the end of the year. 



Here are more things you can do to stay motivated through your fitness journey!

  • Keep your gym music intense.
  • Get enough sleep! Lack of sleep will derail your training program faster than anything.
  • Be patient. Consistency is the key


Hope this is of value!! Committed a lot of time to this.

Aspire to Inspire. 



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