Everyday god damn day.

My days ins and outs – Just a bit of evidence that I (though unappreciated) work my ass off and am busy daily. 

This is the stuff I do EVERYDAY – There is always extra things including writing up nutrition/fitness programs for FREE, jobs round the house, specific uni work, going into uni for lectures, working as an assertive mentor and working on designs for my apparel. But that just goes on top of the following, nothing gets left out.

Wake up

– Morning Supplements

– To do list for the day

– Read/ save new articles from BB.com, read/reply to emails

– HIIT cardo/ Morning run

– Open work documents and gather and begin readings for uni work


– Cook/clean up first meal

– While eating continue readings and research for other information, be it nutrition/fitness/psychology

– Prep gym gear, change


-Leave for gym,

-Train intensely for 1 hour 30minutes (give or take)

– Drive home

– Food shopping for the family

– Unpack food shopping

– Repeat morning steps and shower

– Continue readings – print relavent work


– Cook/ clean/ 2nd meal

– While eating read saved documents from the morning

– Print/save key info and begin adding to essay/ file on fitness

– Continue essay until 7pm

– Cook/clean/ eat 3rd meal

– Find/ watch youtube videos on training routines/programs

– Any left overs readings for the day

At 9-10pm ish I do whatever I want – films or so on…usually more studying too


Aside all this consistently

I am calculating calories/macros/supplement intake. 

Updating social media for business in fitness -Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blog



SO, as a rough idea. Yes I am very f******* busy and am sick of being undervalued. 

Rant over.

Aspire to Inspire (work your ass off too)


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