One life.

I am not the best writer so I apologize in advance for the grammar in this paragraph. ( I also apologize for mis-spellings the  computer does not catch for me)

So, I see these Memes all the time. ” This could be us..”  I admit, there is something that bothers me about it.

I rarely see anyone and think., “That is what i want to be” or ” I want that life.”  

Life is an interesting thing, and I am still trying to figure it out daily.  The one thing I do know is too many people wish for things, or give up.  It is so much easier to think that something is impossible…. it is so much easier to just maintain.  I am talking about waking up everyday and not really being happy but ignoring it….not even paying attention to what you feel inside.

We all have one life.  We all have opportunity.  We all have fear.   Let’s toss wishing out the window and chase some dreams.  Let’s take some chances,  Realize what is in your heart and chase that shit.

Life is so fucking short, and it can be taken away so fast….. to not get the most out of it is a waste.

Aspire to Inspire


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