Get in the zone.

On any particular day, your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or BodySpace will write about how they crushed that day’s workout, while others will write theirs off as lackluster. The next day, the posts might well be reversed. Your own performance might be equally hit or miss, making success feel like something that only happens randomly.

Why can’t you nail your workout every time? Why do you step up to some competitive challenges, and leave the stage dejected and defeated other times? What changes?

Chances are that your best workouts transpired in what’s called “the zone,” a state of mind and body that enables peak performance. It is a place devoid of self-doubt, where it seems like nothing can go wrong. The zone correlates with the times in your life when you feel most alive. Your greatest triumphs occur when you’re in the zone.

If you want to perform at a high level in whatever it is you love, you need to get to know the zone. Master it, and there will be zero chance of you missing that last rep or failing to complete that interval. It’s where inspiration translates to results.

Aspire to Inspire


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