No sleep

Seeing as I am still awake, the irony of the topic seemed too much to avoid. No Balance, No Sleep, No Surrender.

These ideas are pretty straight forward, don’t stop working untill you have what you are chasing. Yeah there are nights I wish I could just settle and sleep, workouts I wish I would just go home, days where I wish I were ordinary. Then, then there is every other second of the day. I will work myself to death, and then some…AKA the Zombie mentality – Work past dead. 

There is something to inspire pride in that, a willingness to push past the norm, past social expectations and realities, and then go on further to chase and hunt down my dreams. It might kill me, hell the reality is that it probably will. Day by day there is suffering that goes hand in hand with this. I can’t just ‘relax’, take a break or chill. The sad truth is that there is far too much sacrifice involved in reaching my dreams. I’ve lost friends, I’ve missed memories, I gave up foods, nights out, a stress free life, and what do I get for it? I get daily pain, I get judged, laughed at, mocked, I lose time with the people I care about and I get a daily battle against myself where I start it all over.

So is it worth it? Doesn’t seem it does it? 

And yet.

I have gained far too much to even contemplate this not being worthwhile, I’ve gained knowledge, I’ve transformed, I’ve saved myself from depression and pain, I’ve surpassed expectation and earned respect, I’ve found like minded people and people who appreciate me for me. 

This was never going to be easy, and I am fucking glad it’s not. I live to be different and I will die chasing my dreams.

There is a whole world out there, who in their right mind wouldn’t want a piece of that. 

The only thing that ever holds us back are our bullshit excuses. My mind will tell me i’m not good enough, i’ll pretend it is all impossible, it’ll say that I don’t stand a chance. I will overthink every fucking situation and I will push myself so hard it would scare your average person.

You know why? ‘your average person’ – AVERAGE. We are not chasing average. We are chasing exceptional.

‘Live extreme and push your boundaries, WHY?! simply because there will be no other time for you to do this’

One life.


Aspire to Inspire


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