Me against the world.

Independence is a beautiful thing. It can also be an addiction. 

When life got hard, I got mean and I did what it took to fight against what was going on in my life. I found that not one person stood by me, not really. There were those who dotted about at times, but frankly it was all on me. So I learnt. I learned that if I was prepared to become someone new, I alone would be capable of changing my life.

You know what? It worked. Everything that I have done will show that.

So here’s the problem.

I told myself for the last two years not to rely on anyone, at the time it was the right thing, the people on my life were not going to support my dreams or me in general. However, though the list hasn’t exactly exploded, names are there. People I can rely on are in my life, some a little newer than others. Hell, if that list is one person long I can live with that! 

But I think it is safe to say, though I will always be me, an individual, self driven, crazy ass guy, I think I will have to get used to the fact, it doesn’t have to be ALL on me…

I don’t know I am rambling.

Aspire to Inspire! 


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