Attempting to Inspire

Everyone that is a part of this sport in one capacity or another has been inspired by someone else. Regardless of who it is that inspired you to start living a new lifestyle, you are obviously glad they did because without that initial inspiration, where would you be now?

Regardless of whether you are rich, famous, or just one of the regulars at your gym, you have the power to inspire others and change their lives for the better. You can inspire members of your family, your friends, your co-workers, or as I found out, people that you don’t even know can be inspired by your actions. I don’t know about you, but that is absolutely amazing to me. It inspires me just thinking about it. 

How You Can Inspire Others 

At this point you may be wondering how you can influence others in a positive way too. What can you do to help someone start training, eating healthy, and becoming a better person too? I am going to cover three things that I feel have helped me  both help people and keep myself inspired.

1. Be Proud Of What You Have Done 

Part of the whole mystique of being inspired by someone is knowing that the person is proud of what he or she has done.Regardless of what the feat is, be proud of what you have accomplished because it took a certain mindset, determination, and passion to reach your goals. Most of those people that have been or need to be inspired are more than likely feeling down on themselves and are looking for something to make themselves feel a sense of pride again.Seeing someone coming out of a gym with that confident look is something to be admired. You are focused on your goals and going to the gym every day and not cheating on the diet shows that you are organized, dedicated, and successful.All of those qualities are what people look for themselves and seeing it helps them realize that it is reachable for them too.

2. Be Humble 

Although you should be proud of what you have done on your journey, most people don’t like those guys that brag about everything they have done day in and day out. Everyone has an ego but being a braggart not only fails to inspire people but it actually will turn most people off of what you are doing.I am sure you have heard the stigma about how those muscled up guys in the gym are so narcissistic and do nothing but admire themselves in the mirror and have stuck up attitudes. That is not the image that inspires people. Being the first one to talk about yourself, making claims about yourself, and feeling the need to tell everyone of your accomplishments doesn’t show confidence. It seems like a cry for attention and praise. Now if someone asks you about what you are doing, then obviously they want to know more about you and this is the time to talk about your accomplishments and accolades. 

3. Be Approachable 

Chances are someone is going to work up the courage to finally approach you and ask if you can share any wisdom that can teach them to do what you have done. Taking the time to talk to people, especially younger people, goes a long way in showing others that they not only can do what you have done, but they should do it. I don’t care if you are a bodybuilder, pro athlete, successful CEO, or the employee of the month at the office. Being a nice person goes a long way in proving to others that they need to do what you are doing. Nothing beats being positive. Now if you are in the middle of training when someone approaches and you really want to stay on the task at hand, there is a positive way to handle this. You can tell the person that you really need to concentrate on the training session and if he or she wouldn’t mind waiting a little bit, you will be happy to talk afterwards. If you need to get out of the gym in a hurry, pass on an email address and say to contact you that way and you will be happy to help. Most people will understand you saying no as long as you show that you are interested in helping somehow.

Inspiring Others And Not Knowing It 

Now those points are if people talk to you. You could very well inspire people and not know it. Think about it. Have you ever been in the mall and seen someone with big arms and thought to yourself “Man I would like for my arms to be that big.” Then you think about that guy the next time you are in the gym. It may not be on a major scale, but that guy inspired you and he never met you.

Ladies, have you ever seen a fit, toned woman walking in the store and thought to yourself, “If I lost weight, I can look like that too.” Doesn’t it stand to reason that you could very well be doing the same thing for someone in a bar or at the store after reaching your goals? 

 You have the potential to inspire others.

I feel the greatest honour I have ever received is when people have said that I have inspired them to start training, eating, and living as a body-builder or fitness athlete.


As always,


Aspire to Inspire.


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