Its ALL on you.

The war has begun.

And it’s between you, and you, there ain’t nobody else in your way.

See I’ve heard it all, from I’m too small, to I’m not fast enough, to I’m not strong  enough, to I can’t make it back.

This is what it takes, this is the sacrifice made for a greater good.

Its called dedication, to the small things, to the little details, you aim small, you miss small.

Because it’s the small steps, that ultimately, climb mountains.

So why would YOU skip that workout? Why would YOU give up on that last rep? Why would YOU cheat on that meal? Why wouldn’t YOU give it your ABSOLUTE all. Time, it stops for no one, YOU got one shot at this thing called ‘life’, so it’s up to YOU to make it happen. YOU got a choice how you spend EVERY minute of your day, no one decides that but YOU.

So who else is it on? WHO ELSE, but you.

When the dust is settled and everyone packs it on, that’s the critical moment, when no one else is there to tell you what to do, its on you to create that vice that goes on in your head.

IS it gonna say I’m gonna get 5 more? I gotta get my work in before I play?

Or is it gonna say I’ve had enough, lets go to the bar, lets relax.

That voice, its gonna be your biggest asset, or your biggest enemy. But its all On You.

Its on You to let it fuel you, its on YOU to be positive and let it open up the possibilities.

Greatness is telling your friends ‘I cant go out tonight’, ‘I can’t do drugs’, ‘I wont pick up that drink’.

I’ll be the leader amongst all of you. You’re just one step away from having it all, but you just gotta put in the work first.

You wanna be an elite? you gotta make up ion your mind that you’re gonna be elite. Nobody is BORN special. And physicality? Will always be trumped by what’s going  on in your head.

You see, they think it’s genetics, they think its god given, god is good. BUT they don’t see this side of it, they don’t see the drive, they don’t see the rise up, they don’t see the sacrifices, they don’t see the continual hunger or the fury in my eyes. They don’t see that I’ll do WHATEVER it takes to get it.

Talent means absolutely nothing if you don’t hone in on improvement, and that comes from staying focused, in your mind, to push forward, to push past the pain, push past the barriers.

So you have one thing you gotta do

Get Comfortable, being Uncomfortable,

Do YOU have what it takes.


Aspire to Inspire.


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