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5 pages – Daily updates trying to do my part. 5 pages of free advice, unpaid work, edited photos and videos, pages upon pages of text that goes without comment but piles on the followers and views. Few occasions in which feedback is received. YET, it continues. I will keep on working without considerable thanks because that isn’t what I do this for. I do this for a better life – not mine, but yours. I have been through points in life where I dreamt and wished for a hand up in the world. So I told myself if the day ever came when it passed, if the misery in my mind lifted, I would do anything and everything in my power to take this pain from the lives of others. The only way I know how to help is to offer it, to offer advice, experience, knowledge, motivation, resources, time and anything else I can.


Aspire to Inspire. 


Women’s training and nutrition – A shared article.

We bombarded with conflicting information, fired like misguided missiles that rarely hit their mark.

Consult multiple sources and you’ll often get multiple answers. So to clear up the smoke that can cloud your thinking, we’ll address six common misconceptions when it comes to women’s training and nutrition, saving you the confusion—and lost time.


We’ve all heard that one. And yes, any woman who lifts weights over time will become progressively stronger, but that doesn’t mean that she’ll physically start looking male.

See, women produce just a fraction of the natural muscle-building hormone testosterone that men do. Even serious female trainers with years of experience can’t build the bulky muscle you see on male bodybuilders. Of course, anyone—man or woman—who injects themselves with testosterone or anabolic substances will super-enhance their muscular development, but that’s well outside of what one can do naturally.

For the rest of us, the process of becoming stronger and building lean muscle mass is the accumulation of dozens—if not hundreds—of workouts. By adding lean mass to your physique, you burn more calories on a daily basis and stay leaner. So don’t be afraid to grab some heavier weights!


This statement is about as true as saying that gold will turn into silver. It’s simply not possible.

In the presence of good nutrition and rest, a muscle grows in size in response to a challenging resistance-training program via a process called hypertrophy. But when you stop lifting, the reverse occurs. It’s called atrophy, where the muscle simply becomes smaller. Muscle fibers don’t magically turn into fat cells; the muscle fibers simply shrink.

If you were to abandon your clean eating and replace those foods with nutritionally void junk foods or excess fatty calories, the scales likely would start storing greater amounts of body fat. What may have once been a firm, dense muscle then feels flabby. That’s a sign of a change in body composition (more fat, less muscle) rather that one kind of fiber type being converted into another.

My advice? Stick with the weight workouts and healthy eating. If you need time out for an injury, reduce your food intake and keep it healthy, trying to find other ways to exercise safely.


When it comes to weight training to build muscle (and curves), the rule is this: Train it hard in the gym and then give it at least 48-72 hours between workouts to recover.

Why? All that hard work you do in the gym is the stimulus for muscle growth; the actual repair and rebuilding occur the next few days given rest and proper nutrition. Cut the recuperation period short and you cut short the muscle’s ability to grow stronger and larger. Training more frequently induces overtraining, and your results will suffer big time.

It’s worth noting that aerobic exercise involving the lower body can be done more frequently; it involves slow-twitch muscle fibers (resistance training targets the fast-twitch ones) for activities which can be sustained for longer periods of time.

Cardio can also play a role in helping shape your lower body and can be done more frequently, but it won’t build your booty the way weights can.


Let’s begin by saying that protein is the raw material—the building blocks if you will—of muscle. Once protein is digested, your body breaks it down into the individual amino acids, which your body uses for all sorts of cool and important stuff, including muscle repair and growth.

When you work out hard, make sure you don’t shortchange your amino supply. Individuals on a calorie-restricted diet should be especially cautious about consuming enough protein. Fall short on the muscle-building macro, and your body may divert amino acids for other metabolic purposes.

To ensure you get all the essential amino acids, consume a variety of protein sources, especially if you are a vegetarian.

An easy way to remember how many grams of protein you need each day is to simply know your bodyweight, in pounds. So if you weigh 125 pounds, strive for 125 grams of protein, spread over the course of the day.

If you find it difficult to consume that amount, a protein supplement is an easy and convenient way to get more.


The total number of calories is much more relevant to your body weight than the number of meals you eat each day. Eat more calories than you burn and you’ll gain weight; eat fewer than you expend and you’ll lose weight.

Theoretically if you eat the same number of calories at each of your six meals as you do for each of your three, you’d gain weight, but alas “grazing” entails smaller meals because you’re simply not as hungry. This way the body also gets a steady supply of amino acids to help support muscle-building.

Bring high-protein snacks with you to work or school. You’ll also be less likely to splurge for junk or fatty foods if you suddenly get hungry between meals.


I’ll be the first to tell you that if you eat a clean, balanced, high-protein diet and can get six meals every day, you may not need to supplement. But for most of us without enough hours in the day, fixing all our meals is difficult. That’s when supplements can be like a nutritional insurance policy.

A daily multivitamin helps ensure that you get the proper dosages of vitamins and minerals that you may not get from your diet. Fish oils have multiple benefits, ranging from possibly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease to lubricating joints.

Even the occasional pre-workout boost from caffeine can help after a long day. And there are so many muscle-building advantages to consuming a whey supplement—mainly that it helps with muscle recovery.

So you may not need all the power-and strength-boosting supplements a man might take, but don’t think you can’t make significant progress with the right ones.

Get the proper mindset, training program, a smart diet, and smart supplementation. Don’t let these myths set you back any longer from reaching your goals.


Aspire to Inspire. 

My job

I swear to god if you hear job and think ‘9-5’, then you disappoint me. For some reason we are taught that to be happy, we need to do some intolerable amount of work for someone else, endless hours of working to help someone else build their world. So why? Well because that’s what our parents did, that’s what everyone does, that’s what is needed to be happy, that’s what will get you a good salary.
Frankly, I think that it’s utter shite. No I don’t mean to say there won’t be times in life where you have to do things you don’t like as a foundation to build your dreams upon. Hell, I am uncomfortable and in pain most days. But it is the endless pursuit of money, of a higher level of career in which we will be equally unhappy, pursuing the top of a pre-made ladder.
No I don’t think that’s for me. My world seems to be quite distinct from that of the average man. You pursue your salary, your cars and houses, the approval of a boss and somebody else’s dream that you have conformed to.
I’ll just be over here, pursuing my passion, while the world will judge, my bank account will remain in figures most will laugh at, my home will be wherever my passion takes me. I don’t care for the approval of a 9-5 society. I dream of being happy and I am damn sure a lot of numbers in the bank won’t make that happen.
My job is nothing like most, my job is to progress, either in knowledge or ability. My job is to inspire others. My job is to change lives for the better. My day ends when I say. My career has no boundary nor a title.
Screw it I’m off on one.
Chase your dreams, not the ones you’ve been told to dream.
Aspire to inspire.

Getting it right.

Life is made up of a set of categories, those are down to you. For me, those are family, friends, fitness, psychology, travel and my girlfriend. This is just me being proud rather than being that much of a help to others today, sorry. 

As far as I’m concerned, I need nothing more, it doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. Now this is where it gets good, 6 categories, that’s all I have or want. So how is that going? Pretty exceptionally. Somehow I am the lucky bastard who has it all, maybe that’s because ‘ALL’ for me doesn’t form a very long list. 

Family – Very little choice involved, but you do have the choice to learn from them, to do right by them and to care for them. I have that, undoubtedly. Granted they don’t know me all that well and we don’t always get along. But it doesn’t matter, I have them to be so god damn grateful for. A brother who introduced me to fitness and inspired me, a father who taught me incredible work ethic, and a mother who taught me selfless care for others. Pretty valuable lessons. 

Friends – I never kept this list particularly long either. Maybe 10, probably less. But my god I adore these people, I keep a small group of incredible people and I wouldn’t have it any other way. One or two have been around for years and have to some degree saved me, one in particular and he will know who he is. 

Fitness – Okay granted, 2 years working with this one makes it pretty new. But that doesn’t matter, it’s changed my life and is now a large part of who I am. Thanks to fitness I have transformed my life for the better. Now fitter, faster, stronger, leaner, healthier and all round physically better to the degree I am quite exceptional in many fields. Also the mental aspects involved, confidence, dedication, commitment, perseverance, organisation and so god damn much more. Fitness of all sorts has more lessons to teach and a far more hands on approach in teaching them than any classroom I have sat in. 

Psychology – Its a pretty broad one. By psychology I mean the ability to council, to help others, to understand people, to learn, basically all the aspects involved. thanks to my personal work, degree and the placement I have been involved in, this is constantly growing, allowing me to better myself and hopefully the lives of others.  

Travel – A whole world out there and I am getting to see it. Yes there is so much more to see still, but that isn’t the point. 21 years old and I’ve visited 14 countries on countless trips. I am lucky enough to be able to do this and still fit it into my life. Experiences and memories most people couldn’t dream of. 

My girlfriend – A new category of my life. People who know me will know I am damn independent. I learnt not to rely on others and to be me without need of approval. Now not to say this has changed, but maybe just developed. This girl, (yes I leave names out for anonymity of others) isn’t changing me, rather improving my life. I get to be me again, openly and unapologetically, because she accepts me for me (well more than that I think she kinda likes it too). I couldn’t ask for more from a person. Not only that but she is pretty god damn incredible, frankly, the dream girl. 


So yeah, all in all I would say I am getting it right, somehow. Through so much hard work, struggles and some serious hardships, I have reached the other end of it, where everything is now going my way. I am amazingly grateful. 


Aspire to Inspire.

6 standard training mistakes.


When I say “mistakes,” I’m not talking about using the wrong grip on lat pull-downs or pointing your toes out too far on calf raises. Honestly, muscle growth isn’t as precise as that. No, it happens on a much bigger level, including a big growth stimulus provided by heavy lifts, large amounts of food, and an overall lifestyle commitment. If that last one made you uncomfortable, then you ought to keep reading.

They’re all easy to fix right now, so be honest and ask yourself: Which one is holding you back from your potential?


You’re scheduled to hit the gym for a big chest day today, but your triceps and front delts still ache from your last shoulder workout. You had mediocre sleep last night that left you feeling far less than energized. What do you do?

Many dedicated gym-goers will hit the gym anyway. They say there are some days you just have to push through. Which is true—to a point. I regularly train regardless of soreness as it is not always going to play a role, however you need to know the limit of this. There comes a time, when you’re only stacking abuse on top of abuse.

You need to listen to your body and what it’s asking—or screaming at you. Maybe it’s saying that a day or two of straight-up, no-strings-attached rest is necessary – Or as I would do, train something else!

Or perhaps it’s telling you that knocking against the ceiling of your abilities every day isn’t the way to go, and that a program with more built-in periodization is a better fit for your abilities and lifestyle.


Too often, we quantify our weaknesses purely in terms of size. “I’d like to add an inch to my arms,” for instance, or “I wish my calves were bigger.” So we approach the problem the same way we’d approach a bike with a flat tire: by pumping it up, in this case with isolation movements like preacher curls or calf raises.

Logical, right? But you build more overall muscle—and a surprising amount of site-specific muscle—by addressing big weakness. You should train to get stronger! Weighted pull-ups/rows ect will do plenty for your arms, in addition to your back, abs, and overall strength. Heavy deadlifts hit your arms, calves, and pretty much everything else, while producing a rush of beneficial anabolic hormones and burning more calories than you probably realize.

Sure, curls and calf raises are great exercises, but if you want serious growth, you simply must hit heavy, basic compound movements.

A good balance between compound exercises and isolation is crucial to the success in any mass-building program. Conversely, you could also plan out your year and focus solely on improving on the big movements for a phase, followed by a phase of more traditional body-building work. How you choose to incorporate strength work is up to you. Just make it happen!


Maybe because of all the intense faces that people make in the weight room, it can be easy to overlook how fun training is. It’s like a playground, with every station offering a different experience and potential for improvement.

With all these tools, it can be tempting to simply move from station A to B, push weights from points A to B, and trust that it’s working. If you’ve accomplished everything the little piece of paper said to do, the workout was a success, right?

In reality, half the battle is the process. If you really think about each muscle fiber squeezing and contracting as you move the weight upward, you’ll dial in and work the muscles you aim to. You’ll maximize the time under tension (TUT), which is a proven way to grow. Allowing stronger muscle groups to take over a movement pattern is the fastest way to miss out on gains in the muscle you target. Your front delts are all too willing to take over a shoddy bench press, for example.

Learn how to really focus on a muscle, and you’ll see an instant boost in how your workouts feel and your body grows.


For many serious trainees, staying accountable during the week isn’t a problem. Their schedule is relatively constant, they can control when and what they eat, and they’re able to avoid major dietary pitfalls.

Then the weekend hits. Even if you just go out and “let loose” one evening each week, you can seriously set back your physique goals—especially if alcohol is involved.

A drink or two is one thing, but let’s be honest: Getting smashed on a regular basis has no place in a serious athlete’s life. Compromise is inevitable in fitness and in life, but it’s still up to you to decide what’s most important to you.


A lot of people these days like to say you don’t need cardio at all, and that simply setting foot on a treadmill or trail is going to cost you gains and leave you skinny-fat. I’m not one of those people. Cardio can have a place in most programs, but it’s definitely possible to overdo it, particularly if you do hours of it every week in order to “stay lean” while trying to bulk.

Overdoing cardiovascular training can dramatically decrease your total force generation capacity, which may mean you don’t have the energy to produce the growth stimulus you need during your lifting session. Remember, it’s TUT that really pushes muscles to grow, and you need energy to produce it. And if you’re eating to build muscle, you especially need to maximize your strength training. Otherwise, you set yourself up to add fat where muscle should be.

While trying to add muscle, stick to high-intensity interval training for cardio—provided that it doesn’t interfere with your recovery. Save the low-intensity cardio for other training cycles throughout the year.


When they’re struggling to add muscle, the immediate reply is to consume more total calories—a great suggestion. But in the quest to both stay lean and add mass, trainees too often try to perform an elaborate macronutrient dance where they shoot protein intake through the roof while cutting carbs and sometimes fat. Bad idea.

Too many people go to the gym and train hard but don’t eat enough calories to support gaining muscle mass and size. I have fallen victim of this in the past while trying to keep my body fat low and abs showing. I would cut carbs down very low for long periods of time. All this did was kill all the gains I made over the previous few months.

There’s no denying the importance of protein in any mass-building diet, and sure, you’ll need more of this crucial macronutrient than someone who’s sedentary. However, also remember that carbohydrates are what the body uses as fuel while it works to assemble protein into new muscle tissues.

If you don’t have enough carbs, the protein you eat won’t be put to good use. Likewise, fats are required for optimal hormonal levels, and your hormones are the foreman of your body’s muscle construction crew.

So when aiming to build muscle, eat more of everything, not just more protein. Once you reach 1-1.25 grams of protein per pound, step back and make sure you do not neglect another macro nutrient.

Crack on.

Aspire to Inspire.

To hell and back.

Before reading these lines I have a request. If you know me, personally – you have no permission to read on. Apologies but this is my choice, few of you know me well enough or have what I would perceive as the right, to read these lines. Though there are a couple of exceptions to whom I share my life and of course may read on. If you do not know me – this is for you unquestionably, as my intention is to use this to serve others, I can only hope it does. 


Let me be very clear, to write this sickens me. To the pit of my stomach, it turns and churns at writing these words. Though it would be easier to go on and never had spoken them, well maybe it’s time to move past that, man up and be as transparent as I had intended.

I intend to share here what the hellish history I had that led me to today. Well at least in brief. I do not look for a sympathetic sigh, nor for words of wisdom, frankly I do not need them. I have passed through it all to arrive where I am today god knows how much stronger than I began. I would change nothing of my history bar one detail. I would provide my younger self with an individual had experienced the pain and survived, just to serve as evidence that it was possible. A rather cliché ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Now to detail them would still be too much for me I am afraid but just to list seems appropriately distant from the harshness to be able to share with you…whoever you are. So in essence – (please no judging this is a very different me, a younger, lost, manically depressed me, who the world will never see again). From eating disorders of multiple origins, to severe bullying of both verbal and physical (severe is appropriate), to harming (my hands are shaking at this) of myself in order to distant from a reality, body dismorphia and manic depressions following the self image I created. I suffered depressions that meant me attempting to escape my reality, convincing my younger self there was no light left me very much alone in the world, thoughts were never shared leading to spiralling despair. I experienced my own personal hell, a pain I never thought would benefit me. 

Okay i’m sorry i thought I could go through it all but that will have to do. Regardless the point may have been made. 

If you are in that reality, if you experience pain I can make you 2 very real promises.

1 – That reality is not THE reality, it does end, it does pass leading to such a brighter world for having suffered it. 

2 – I am likely to have experienced it and trust me when I say there is no pain the world may cause you that you cannot survive and in some way, prosper from. 

The world is a sickening teacher, the lessons you may learn will not be kindly taught, but they need be learned. 

That’s enough for today. 


Aspire to inspire. 

A beautiful day.

This is going to be a ramble so I apologise. 

I recently watched a film that expressed a certain moral, for some reason I think it deserves to be shared (for anyone interested that film is ‘About time’. The concept is in each day there is beauty, that we pass through these days without appreciating it all and I think we can all agree there is a lot of truth in that. No I don’t think we have to ‘stop and appreciate it’ in fact that seems daft to me. It isn’t about having to stop, to put a hold on living to appreciate life – that’s just counter-productive. 

I think the idea is to appreciate as you go, see what you do, who you are, what the day holds and smile at it. No matter the obstacle, there is beauty in the journey. 

For me, today starts with a 5 or so kilometre run, nothing exceptional, but there was so much to enjoy, so much to smile at. The more I smiled, the more I laughed at the fact I don’t do this enough. So everything, every aspect of the day, the training I’ll be doing, the driving, the organising, there is something to smile at, to enjoy, to appreciate. 


It may be a foreign concept to many but if you can, just try it. 

Have a beautiful day. 


Aspire to Inspire. 

Dealing with negativity.

Are you active in the fitness industry? Compete? Workout enthusiast? Have a weight loss success story? Do you share healthy recipes online? Do you skip the bar on the weekends to hit the gym and live the fit life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s safe to say you probably have a hater or even haters. Even if you haven’t experienced anything negative yet, more often than not you will.

“What’s this?!? Haters?” you say… Yes, one of the drawbacks of success in any field will always be people trying to bring you down. They will talk bad about you, belittle you to others, and even make up lies about you.

To be completely honest I am hated on pretty regularly. I’ve accepted this and refuse to let it get to me. In the beginning this wasn’t always the case, and I initially had a hard time understanding why people could bash on me for doing good things in my life. This is a topic I’ve grown to know well. Although I only put positive things out there to the world, apparently I am cocky, arrogant, conceited, unhealthy, too big, too small, blah blah blah.

In life 50% of people will be happy for you the other 50 won’t, that’s how it goes with just about anything. I’m being modest in my estimates. That’s Just how it is.

People fear what they don’t understand, and for most of the general public they don’t understand the fitness industry, dieting, healthy living, etc. Fear leads to anger and anger to hate. When the hate doesn’t work they will make up lies to try to hurt you and bring you down. DONT LET THEM.

Jealousy is another reason for people’s actions. Why? Because they don’t have the motivation, will power, or even knowledge to do what you do, or they are just lazy and feel bad about whom they are so they try to diminish your light. You are the mirror image of what they wish to be.

This is your journey and you decided to take this path. It’s your path and yours alone, so embrace it and don’t let haters in on it, they don’t belong there.
For people who post a lot of online positivity. No matter how nice your pictures are or how real your quotes are, there are some people who will never hit the “like” button just because it’s you.

For the most part these people don’t know you. Not who you really are inside anyways. They know what their biases perceptions tell them, but they don’t know how this life style makes you feel, the confidence you have gained because of it, the benefit it has on your life and others around you.

Understand why you do what you do and your purpose. If you truly know it’s good, good for you, doesn’t hurt anyone, and helps inspire and motivate others, then allow it to continue under your terms. You define you. If you have good intentions and want to truly better yourself and or help others, then do it.

Do these “haters” pay your bills? Will you still be friends in 5 years? Do they decide if you will or will not be happy in life? In most all cases you can say no to all of the above. If they don’t have a direct effect on your life…why care? And if they do have a direct effect on you and your life, they obviously don’t have your best intentions in mind.

Don’t let them get to you. It’s that simple. Respect yourself and your decisions and don’t let their opinions and hate into your life.

Surround yourself with like-minded positive people. They say the 5 people you surround yourself with most will dictate where you go with your life. If you surround yourself with people constantly trying to bring you down, just exactly how successful do you think you will be? Build a support system of positivity and people that will encourage you every step of the way.

Keep a level head. Don’t give them a reason to attack you. Meaning, be conscious of what you put out there. Remember, when you put something online it is for all to see. If you can’t handle the criticism, then find different methods to get your message out there.
If you are under attack, it’s ok to stand up for yourself and your ideals. Don’t feel bad for this. However, I would recommend that you don’t waste your time with people you don’t know/online. They want a reaction out of you, and when you give in, the attacks will get worse.

Don’t respond. If you don’t respond they will eventually move on.
Love yourself, yes love yourself…It’s that simple. You know who you are, you know your strengths and your weaknesses. Once you accept your flaws and love yourself for all that you are, you take away their power.

“Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the Fuck you were gonna do anyway” –Robert Downey Jr

Really what it amounts to is this. These haters only bother you because you allow them to. You have a choice every day, and every time it happens to allow the negativity into your life or not. You can’t control what other say or do, only how you handle yourself and how you respond to the given situations . If you want to better yourself, be a beacon of hope to some, motivate, educate, inspire, etc…That’s your choice…Just as it’s others choice to do the opposite. If you’re not hurting anyone, then don’t let someone else dim your light simply because it’s shining in their eyes. Do what makes you happy. Life is too short to be anything less.