Stick it you arrogant …

Okay someone has caught my bad side. An…acquaintance ? Has just made a facebook post and frankly the attitude is appalling from someone who is a PT and meant to inspire confidence to others:

His post –
‘I see too many people tryna take the easy route to lose weight, gain muscle or tone up by going on stupid diets and living off liquids and doing dumb shit like 6 minute abs and using those dumb vibration plates. get into the gym or the park, balance your diet, include the fats aswel as everything else your body needs and work your fucking arse off! It isn’t easy but when you see those results you’ll thank yourself, not some piece of shit slender tone belt from argos wake up!’

The reason this shit gets to me, AS IF ITS THEIR FAULT.
Seriously for gods sake, people are not correctly informed and sadly the endless fads and stupid diets are the only source of information given to people today.
So yeah, stick it.
Rant over.

Aspire to Inspire – Not to judge dickhead.


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