A beautiful day.

This is going to be a ramble so I apologise. 

I recently watched a film that expressed a certain moral, for some reason I think it deserves to be shared (for anyone interested that film is ‘About time’. The concept is in each day there is beauty, that we pass through these days without appreciating it all and I think we can all agree there is a lot of truth in that. No I don’t think we have to ‘stop and appreciate it’ in fact that seems daft to me. It isn’t about having to stop, to put a hold on living to appreciate life – that’s just counter-productive. 

I think the idea is to appreciate as you go, see what you do, who you are, what the day holds and smile at it. No matter the obstacle, there is beauty in the journey. 

For me, today starts with a 5 or so kilometre run, nothing exceptional, but there was so much to enjoy, so much to smile at. The more I smiled, the more I laughed at the fact I don’t do this enough. So everything, every aspect of the day, the training I’ll be doing, the driving, the organising, there is something to smile at, to enjoy, to appreciate. 


It may be a foreign concept to many but if you can, just try it. 

Have a beautiful day. 


Aspire to Inspire. 


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