Getting it right.

Life is made up of a set of categories, those are down to you. For me, those are family, friends, fitness, psychology, travel and my girlfriend. This is just me being proud rather than being that much of a help to others today, sorry. 

As far as I’m concerned, I need nothing more, it doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. Now this is where it gets good, 6 categories, that’s all I have or want. So how is that going? Pretty exceptionally. Somehow I am the lucky bastard who has it all, maybe that’s because ‘ALL’ for me doesn’t form a very long list. 

Family – Very little choice involved, but you do have the choice to learn from them, to do right by them and to care for them. I have that, undoubtedly. Granted they don’t know me all that well and we don’t always get along. But it doesn’t matter, I have them to be so god damn grateful for. A brother who introduced me to fitness and inspired me, a father who taught me incredible work ethic, and a mother who taught me selfless care for others. Pretty valuable lessons. 

Friends – I never kept this list particularly long either. Maybe 10, probably less. But my god I adore these people, I keep a small group of incredible people and I wouldn’t have it any other way. One or two have been around for years and have to some degree saved me, one in particular and he will know who he is. 

Fitness – Okay granted, 2 years working with this one makes it pretty new. But that doesn’t matter, it’s changed my life and is now a large part of who I am. Thanks to fitness I have transformed my life for the better. Now fitter, faster, stronger, leaner, healthier and all round physically better to the degree I am quite exceptional in many fields. Also the mental aspects involved, confidence, dedication, commitment, perseverance, organisation and so god damn much more. Fitness of all sorts has more lessons to teach and a far more hands on approach in teaching them than any classroom I have sat in. 

Psychology – Its a pretty broad one. By psychology I mean the ability to council, to help others, to understand people, to learn, basically all the aspects involved. thanks to my personal work, degree and the placement I have been involved in, this is constantly growing, allowing me to better myself and hopefully the lives of others.  

Travel – A whole world out there and I am getting to see it. Yes there is so much more to see still, but that isn’t the point. 21 years old and I’ve visited 14 countries on countless trips. I am lucky enough to be able to do this and still fit it into my life. Experiences and memories most people couldn’t dream of. 

My girlfriend – A new category of my life. People who know me will know I am damn independent. I learnt not to rely on others and to be me without need of approval. Now not to say this has changed, but maybe just developed. This girl, (yes I leave names out for anonymity of others) isn’t changing me, rather improving my life. I get to be me again, openly and unapologetically, because she accepts me for me (well more than that I think she kinda likes it too). I couldn’t ask for more from a person. Not only that but she is pretty god damn incredible, frankly, the dream girl. 


So yeah, all in all I would say I am getting it right, somehow. Through so much hard work, struggles and some serious hardships, I have reached the other end of it, where everything is now going my way. I am amazingly grateful. 


Aspire to Inspire.


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