My job

I swear to god if you hear job and think ‘9-5’, then you disappoint me. For some reason we are taught that to be happy, we need to do some intolerable amount of work for someone else, endless hours of working to help someone else build their world. So why? Well because that’s what our parents did, that’s what everyone does, that’s what is needed to be happy, that’s what will get you a good salary.
Frankly, I think that it’s utter shite. No I don’t mean to say there won’t be times in life where you have to do things you don’t like as a foundation to build your dreams upon. Hell, I am uncomfortable and in pain most days. But it is the endless pursuit of money, of a higher level of career in which we will be equally unhappy, pursuing the top of a pre-made ladder.
No I don’t think that’s for me. My world seems to be quite distinct from that of the average man. You pursue your salary, your cars and houses, the approval of a boss and somebody else’s dream that you have conformed to.
I’ll just be over here, pursuing my passion, while the world will judge, my bank account will remain in figures most will laugh at, my home will be wherever my passion takes me. I don’t care for the approval of a 9-5 society. I dream of being happy and I am damn sure a lot of numbers in the bank won’t make that happen.
My job is nothing like most, my job is to progress, either in knowledge or ability. My job is to inspire others. My job is to change lives for the better. My day ends when I say. My career has no boundary nor a title.
Screw it I’m off on one.
Chase your dreams, not the ones you’ve been told to dream.
Aspire to inspire.


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