Little bit broken.

Not sure if I have posted about this before or not, but I’ve written to go back looking through it all so sorry if it’s not new.

I talk of obstacles almost everyday, but for me the obstacle was never motivation, it wasn’t the drive, those things came naturally. For me, sadly, my biggest obstacle was my own body, what a betrayal eh? 

As some may know I suffer from two main issues, hyper-mobility syndrome and junior arthritis, not all shits and giggles. These two mean that basically my joints are hell, they ache, they click, basically they f****** hurt. A lot. AGAIN – I am not looking for sympathy, I kinda love what I have had to overcome. I started out unable to comfortably support a rucksack, unable to run properly, lift anything or train at all. Today I run for miles, life literally hundreds of kilos and do whatever the hell I like.

However today, once more, a new issue arose. My god damn wrist. Quite essential in my fitness work which is somewhat distressing I will admit. Anyone having experienced these issues it would be great to get in contact as to how you have dealt with them. 

Personally I went with the ‘build muscle through the pain’ approach, it still hurts…but it has worked.

So yeah, a little more about me for you.


Aspire to Inspire. 


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