Life’s a bitch.

Yup, old me is back, paying an impolite visit. These days I’ve been happy, something that took years to a achieve, why? Because certain arseholes made my life an unbelievable hell. I got past that, they disappeared, or they stopped to a degree. NOW, today in fact one starts again and immediately I snap back, unreal anger, stupidly shaking like the pathetic child I was. I don’t care that they have decided to do this, frankly I should know better than to trust and not expect it by now. No instead I’m angry at me. Angry that I allowed myself to snap when I should have stayed strong. I consider this my worst day of the year. This shan’t happen again. I don’t aspire to inspire today, this is pathetic and will inspire nobody. Time to get my shit back together, I’m better than this.


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