Why I can’t stop.

In the beginning you set yourself on the path to achieve a goal, a specified minimum that will leave you content.
What we don’t realise is the conditions we unintentionally assign to. In choosing to pursue a goal, assuming as mine is, that it is quite significant, this requires substantial changes, growth and progression. In these changes come the conditions. Now we have changed, the original goal cannot be an ‘end’, rather a beginning.
The new you will grow larger ambitions, plausible goals will be revealed that you had not originally thought of. It’s a snowball effect.

So me…

I started by saying I want to lose fat. Easy, simple and completed. Did it end there? Fuck did it. Fat loss led to the gym, that led to muscle gain, new ambition for size, specific areas, that training led to strength, which led to new goals of hitting certain weights, losing the fat/gaining the muscle/hitting those PR’s led to higher ambition in each. Achievements meant I wanted to put them to use, to compete. Knowledge required meant I became a source of information for others, ideas of being a trainer arose, then to owning a gym, creating apparel.

Anyway you get the idea. My point is, that first day, when you sit there and make the choice, a choice as simple as a promotion, a new line of work, a transformation. Anything. Be very fucking aware, this isn’t a single decision. This can change your life.

Aspire to Inspire.


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