Some things we ought to discuss.

I wanted to stop. I wanted to close this blog out of a feeling that my time was being wasted. Then I got reminded.
I’ve been reminded of the value if some of my experience and the power of what I can share.
So here’s the one, the one I will never be happy discussing.
Eating disorders. We’ve all heard if them, known about them, and I can bet almost all of you have failed to understand them.
Yes it is that straight forward, either you don’t eat or you do and you ‘purge’ because of it.
No it is not that straightforward. The titles, names, descriptions are so narrow it frankly sickens me. So here are some realities. Yes I will also share my solutions.
Anorexia – isn’t just not eating, it’s an ongoing guilt with food. You eat too much and you mentally suffer for days for it, guilt, misery. You then under eat to make up for it, restrict foods that you fear, scare yourself from social eating. False body images grow from this like you wouldn’t believe, a joy from progressive weightloss while still despising that mirror.
Bulimia – yes been here too. For me this was worse, so much worse. With anorexia the effects became visibly apparent, reducing all form of mass until lethargic days took over and headaches started. With bulimia, the world didn’t have to know. But I knew. Similarly inspired by guilt, leading to the purging of food, a repetitive habbit after each meal then leading into uncontrollable reactions that I suffer from to this day. Large meals now lead to excessive bloating and illness. Imagine the mental suffering this takes, now amplify that by a hundred. It’s a depression like most will never know, thankfully.
So a tiny bit in it, I’ll be writing more. I am here to talk, to share. The only way forward is knowledge about food and health, if you aren’t getting it from me, please just read! You don’t have to be in that situation.

Aspire to inspire.


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