Did I mention I have a temper?

Sadly something those close to me will know.

Thankfully a rare occurrence but recently i’ve been somewhat more on edge. There is an immense amount of stress surrounding me at the moment and it leaves me somewhat stranded. I’v never engaged with massive groups of friends, i’m a quality over quantity guy. However it can leave support a little scarce, lucky me. So what is it getting to me?

Well currently I am in a state of bliss, but looking at the horizon. Ahead of me is work, I mean serious work. Granted there is plenty of irritation present at the moment, lack of support, the training, the work I do completely independently or just the people I have to deal with. But ahead of me there is so much more to come. In two weeks I’ll be back at university studying things I simply DO NOT want to be doing. On top of that I’ll have to find time for my training, cardio, travel, my girlfriend and studying, becoming a little crowded. Aside from that i’ll be budgeting while trying to eat properly (for a powerbodybuilder) which on top of fuel I simply cannot afford.

So whats the light at the end of the tunnel? Well right now there just isn’t one. I have 3 weeks until my powerlifting meet (which I am incredibly excited for), however I have yet to by the required equipment, why? That would be because I don’t have a damn penny.

Annnnnd one big breath later – Okay yes it is far from the end of the world, but without many people to turn to, stress can cause serious loneliness. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my own personality makes matters worse as I respond to the negative aspects with aggression. The result? Depression and aggression….sounds like a Déjà vu for my life. Regardless, I think I simply needed a vent, before I snap and …well..snap someone else.

Find a way to deal with your problems before they take over, for me, it’s lift incredibly heavy things and relax with my girl…and blog. Think things will be fine..of course they will.

Aspire to Inspire.


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