My girl

Yes, she gets her own blog post, quite deservedly. So many of you may switch off about now and quite frankly, I don’t care, this is more for her.

So why? Well because…just wow. This rather phenomenal girl has me whole heartedly astonished. In recent years, specifically any of those years past the age of 14, I managed to build an image of the perfect girl. An idea that can be a bit of a curse because who can ever live up to that dream? As far as I had been concerned for most of my life, dreams are dreams, not a hope in hell of becoming realised.

So what is my perfect girl? Short of being summarised by 5 little letters I suppose there is actually a criteria of sorts. What we look for in others tells you masses about ourselves, so don’t judge me. Between the normal replies to such a question: Beauty, sense of humour, intelligence and that damn smile, my list does continue… a fair bit. Passions, comfortability, ease in conversation, gets along with my family, an interest or at least tolerance for what I do,  equally mad about me as I would be about such a girl, eyes that distract from a conversation…. then about another hundred things.

So then there’s Holly. A description would be given, but in reality … just read that bit above. That’s her, THE dream girl. Bordering on frightening, she is all of it and so much more. I couldn’t dream of more nor want anything more. She is all in all …. nope, words won’t cut it, so it gets left there.

So thank you Holly, for being you and for being mine.


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