Opportunity to Inspire.

Hopefully I manage to keep this short mostly because of the mix of emotions that comes with this topic for me. The idea alone makes me uncomfortable, that I am in some way inspiring. Firstly I don’t feel right saying it as it feels too damn egotistical. Yet at the same time I am proud that I have achieved tangible things that are capable of providing inspiration to others, so its a bit mixed.

Regardless, coming to terms with it this is where I stand. I was broken for a long time, flawed, uninteresting, without ambition and damn right depressing. Today I get to inspire people… I get to help people past the hurdles in their life and I (ME!!) get to be an example to lead by. I cannot explain how surreal this is for me.

My intention is to lead by example, to demonstrate that if you push yourself, mentally or physically, there is nothing you cannot over come or cannot do. So far here’s what I think I have proven:

– There is an end to eating disorders

– You can grow to love your body

– You can get through depression

– You can find ambition later in life

– You can be the person you dream of being

– You can transform your body with hard work

– You can overcome physical disability

– So much so that you can become damn strong

– You can be your own teacher

– You can chase your dreams

– You can be fit in all aspects at once (stamina, strength, physique ect)

– You can achieve this without a hand up

And hopefully some more…

Nothing has been easy, but it was never meant to be. It was meant to be worth it and with where I stand today and what is ahead of me, it sure as hell was.

Aspire to Inspire.


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