What would you change?

If I asked you right now, “What is one thing you can do or change TODAY that will improve the way you live” would you be able to come up with an answer off the top of your head, or is it something you would need time to analyse? Are you shy? Do you wish you can be more out-going and enjoy more social freedom? Are you a procrastinator and wait until the last minute to get things done and end up stressing yourself out?  Are you comfortable with being “average” and fear pushing yourself past your comfort zone?

What would help you change your quality of life for the better:

  • Get more organized?
  • Reach a goal that you though was unachievable?
  • Improve your communication skills?
  • Read more books?
  • Watch less TV?

I must admit as much as I work my ass off, I find myself procrastinating on certain things and it just leads to unneeded stress that I place on myself! We all go through phases in our lives, sometimes struggling with lack of motivation and desire to push ourselves to become a better person.  If you can target what it is that is holding you back from becoming a better version of yourself, you already won half the battle.  It is your decision to take action and make that change.

Open your eyes when that alarm goes off in the morning, take a minute or two or ten to appreciate your life and the people in it.  Stop striving for perfection  and instead of focusing on being “The Best” shift that focus to be “Your Best.”

We have one life to live and I don’t know about you but I am going to ride it ’til the wheels fall off!

If you get knocked down, get your ass back up!

Aspire to Inspire


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