Walk not Talk.

SO – Tomorrow for me is a rather big deal. At 10am my powerlifting meet begins and in the following hours I’ll be given the opportunity to prove a hell of a lot, to friends, to family, to people as a whole, but damn well most importantly, to myself.

What I am proving depends on the people. To my friends and family it’s pretty self explanatory, it is a demonstration of my ability verifying that the time I put in gives a tangible result. In terms of ‘people as a whole’ I just want to prove again (after having completed a Spartan race) that you can over come any and all physical and mental barriers you believe to be real, serving as motivation for the masses …maybe..

Then it’s what I am proving to myself. Well this is a bit more serious because in reality, I couldn’t care less what the world thinks. Every day I fight against a voice, this little, rather vocal voice that tells me I am not unique, impressive, important nor worth being here. A voice that once nearly got the better of me and took my life.

Day in and day out, I do the most possible to prove I have what it takes to stand out, that my life was worth continuing. Its as if that voice called into being my eating disorders, created for itself my hyper-mobilty, to further cease any attempt at being unique. So tomorrow (and all further events yet to come), the weight on my shoulders, back and chest, will be that of the voice. I will proving at least one more god damn time that I deserve to be proud, to be happy, to be here and that nothing thrown at me will stop me.

Aspire to Inspire.


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