What’s with this crap attitude?

I wonder if I can be flagged for swearing…. Well I’m sorry but it stands.
Something that I’ve become increasingly aware of is a reoccurring behaviour among friends and the general public. This is the constant need to compare, to compete. Now I know it’s natural to perceive the world around us as better or worse than our own, however this is in terms of accomplishments.
For instance, I have just competed in powerlifting, I was NOT there seeing who I could beat, who was better than me or any of that. This is the same for my education, I do not care what grades people get in terms of my own happiness. When you see what other people achieve or fail to achieve your response should be either a pride for them on their behalf or a hand up if you are capable.
It seems the more I accomplish, the more people feel the need to tell me they could do what I do, or that what I do is not an interest of theirs. Let me make this clear, I do not care. I better myself every day in every way I can, that is all I care for. Handle your shit and I’ll handle mine. Stop competing with me or comparing me to others. Cool, thanks. Rant over.

Aspire to Inspire.


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