Dissertation – HELP FIT FREAKS

As some of you will know I have recently begun my third year at university studying Criminology and Applied Psychology. With that comes the inevitable dissertation. God help me.

I’ll be writing my dissertation on the psychology of males in partaking in exercise, both male body image, goal pursuit, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations….Yeah the title still avoids me.

My intention is to highlight the psychological drive for fitness and display both the pros and cons of it. Simple right? WRONG. It’s actually incredible complex, so many varied motivational drives, alongside the variation of fitness types and platforms, it may just kill me.

So to any intellectual fit freaks – I could do with some help (no not just from the average gym goer), anyone who thinks they may be able to help me in any form (evening just nailing a title) please contact me! (callumbarney@gmail.com), or hell even if you just want fitness or nutritional advice..why not.

Aspire to inspire


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