Okay .. now what.

I’ve reached a point that has me …befuddled (what a word).

It is in my nature to pick up new things, like a child in a toy store, explore it, learn about it, throw the damned thing away and move on.

So when it comes to ambitions I have spent a life prior to who I am today, unable to build any due to the fact I could not sustain interest in…well anything. I now have ambitions, a commitment to a lifestyle, skill set and life goals that give me great joy. However, in beginning an endeavour there are simplistic drives. the drive to become somewhat capable in the new field, to develop an understanding and grasp. Then we try to stand out in that field, once we either achieve or fail at that, it is often the end of the endeavour. No longer is this the case.

In my field of fitness I currently am experienced. I am in better physical condition than 80% ish of the population, I am stronger than more than that, more knowledgeable than more than that still. So now, well now I have to just add percentiles to my uniqueness. This is somewhat new to me. Though I consistently aim to learn about every damned thing in this world (and become somewhat capable), I am now dedicated to this one area (broad as it might be), it is required of me if I want to move forward, to work for the inches, the single efforts, the ‘by a hair’ victories.

This new mindset is something harder than most will experience. When sticking to a particular area, over time people lose interest, its no longer new, interesting, you’ve been at it for a while and support fades away. That is where I find myself. I stand with a life ahead of me, but all that stands behind me holding me up is my back foot.

By no means do I undervalue the support I have. For instance, my unequivocally perfect girlfriend – Holly. I am unquestionably in love with this girl and she is consistently there for me, whether it be listening to my ramblings about fitness plans, cheering me up when training goes to shit or any of the other endless reasons I fell for her. However, as I’m sure she will not mind me saying, she isn’t exactly striving for the same goals, therefore her ability to aid me in training advice, nutrition factors and alike does lack somewhat. As for those I know within the industry, they to lack knowledge as I am only aware of a lower level of ‘gym goers’ or at least those I am aware of who are more elite, are not available to me.

In essence, I am doing this off my own back. No trainer, no partners, no advice, guidance, help, understanding. It’s me, chasing down the hardest part of success. I guess that is what it takes.

Aspire to Inspire.


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