Day 1 beginning again.

I seem to have forgotten the purpose of this blog. I end up babbling and then turning to easier topics (like the articles I’ve been writing).

The thing is I’m not here to teach you, at least not through the blog. Anyone who wants teaching, message me, that’s a different story altogether. This blog however is to inspire, to show you the ins and outs of my lifestyle, my ambitions, the suffering, the success and all the bits in-between.

So from now on – NO MORE RANDOMNESS. Just me, lil old me and my life. If you liked the knowledge…well…sorry (unless I just explain how I train as that is pretty insightful – Yeah maybe i’ll do that).

So this is essentially Day 1 …. version 2.

As I consider myself an athlete of fitness (weird to say that but hell that’s what I am now i guess), my training lifestyle is pretty versatile. Training for strength, health- both cardiovascular and in terms of nutrition, aesthetics, power and basically everything else.

This means I have a fair amount to work on, therefore every morning, as I have literally just finished doing, I get up, weigh in and then get my ass on my spin bike. This consists of 15 minutes warm up where I plan my day, check all my social mediums, update and so on. After that I move into sprints, AKA HIIT training, usually between 15 and 20 minutes (bring on the sweat). That bit flies by. After that 10 – 15 minutes cool down and that’s me done.. well for now at least.

Next – Shower, prep work for the day (uni readings and so on) and either blog/ study/ program or all of them. After about 2 hours of work its time for meal #1 – Mostly veg and chicken (NOT ‘CLEAN EATING’ – I track macros, but nutrient dense foods make up most of my diet…that’s for another time) – food and 20 minutes of youtube fitness whilst I eat (usually to get my head ready for training). Get changed and then time to train!

Today will be a push day (shoulders, chest and triceps) which takes about an hour and a half, easy. On the way home – food shopping. Home by 2-3pm and time to eat again. the rest of the day (till about 8pm) is work, study, reading and youtube for training videos).

This is the short version of my day. I love this shit. Day in and day out (yes it changes a little, I have a life outside this).

Anyway, this is the fresh version of my blog – Hope it works for you, if not – Give a damn.

Aspire to inspire.


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