I guess I cracked

I wrote a post here in the early hours of last night. The post has been removed because it was petty and childish, as well as showing weakness I refuse to represent.
The post was me discussing elements of what I do that can be taxing. Specifically friends and support. The reality is I have lost people, but that’s okay. The people I’ve lost in all this did not support me when I needed them most, they still don’t. So who needs them?
I think my irritation is the lack of those people in my life, rather than the resentment towards those I’ve let go.
I may seem like I am whining but think about it, I mean really think. Could you do it?
Could you blindly pursue changing your entire life, without so much as a ‘you’re doing the right thing’ or ‘don’t give up’. Could you wake up everyday, train, study, train, control food intake, refuse nights out for recovery, refuse social events for a better chance of reaching goals. Could you take being laughed at, judged, mocked, by people who were your closest friends?
There is more but you get the point. I knew all of this when I started so I hold no ill will to these people, just an observation. We all stumble, have bad days.
This isn’t even to say I’m truly alone in this. 6. 6 people I could turn to. 4 of which would do it without asking. 1 who actively supports me. 0 who can do this for me. Nobody I know is capable of advising me, of directing me, which is fine! I like doing this for myself.
Okay now I’m just babbling. You see my point. Don’t let the world change you, don’t let hardships ware you down. A message to myself as well as all of you.

Aspire to inspire.


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