Just a little update

Any of you familiar with this blog or my other sites, or even just with me, will know I’ve got a fair amount to keep running and that I can track, so here is where we are at:

Social Media:

Blog – Hundreds of followers who I adore and thousands of views.

Instagram – recently passed 500 followers and now receiving offers for both rep work and modelling work.

Sports person page – Near 100 followers, limited growth.

My training:

6 day hypertrophy/strength training.

PR’s – Squat 150kg (soon to be 160), Bench 110kg, Deadlift 220kg

Prepping for british nationals and possibly tough mudder.

Training others for free, still.

Daily cardio (45minutes, LISS and HIIT)

Weighing 73kg, BF: 12-14%

3000 cals

Progress to be made all round.

Aspire to Inspire.


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