6 Months

What can you do in six months? How much can change?

This post is looking at the past 6 months in two ways.

1- Its been 6months with my gorgeous girlfriend and as this is my damn blog, i’ll brag as much as I like.

2- 6months of life progress that I personally wouldn’t believe (6months ago)

But i’ll combine them both as they do, at times, go hand in hand.

So, the missus. This girl, my god this girl. It’s taken 21 years, but i’ve found someone who will put up with me, who understands me, does’t judge me and, most importantly, loves me. Who could ask for more than that? Of course this effects me in a number of ways. The confidence in myself from being accepted by someone quite so outstanding, is quite astonishing. The motivation of having her to impress has kept me in check in my nutrition/training. Having her to vent to, to listen to me, to help me and just to help me relax has made me relax, open up, adapt my lifestyle more freely and just enjoy myself more.

My own progress of competing, qualifying for nationals, completing a spartan race, progressing my apparel, sticking with my training – in part….a bloody big part, goes to her. Maybe I could have done it alone, but would I have? Would it be anywhere near this enjoyable?

Not a fucking chance.

So to her, I can only say thank you. You’ve changed my life for the better. With you beside me, I fell no limits, I envy nobody and I get to enjoy being me; because I have you.


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